World Premiere: January 11, 2008, Theater Basel

Music: Peter I. Tschaikowsky
Stage: Bruce French 
Costumes: Heidi de Raad 
Lighting: Jordan Tuinman
Length: 120 min. / Dancers: 29

«Richard Wherlock has not invented Swan Lake anew, yet he reinterprets the ballet fairytale romance so courageously that confusing it with tour productions is ruled out. [...] The change of gender in the main character determines the plot. Aurélie Gaillard, who dances as the princess in the debut performance, floats as if enraptured, and dreams in the arms of her love». Stephan Reuter — Basler Zeitung, 14.1.2008

«There is something in the romantic story ballet that apparently satisfies a deep need in many people; a need for harmony, perfection and simultaneous virtuosity. And this in a highly artificial way – it cannot get any more artificial. Richard Wherlock, director of the Basel Ballet, likely knows precisely about this magic, because he hits this nerve in the audience once again».  Alexander Dirk — Badische Zeitung, 14.1.2008

Film © Klaus Ehret – www.ehret.ch

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