World Premiere: January 15, 2010, Theater Basel

Music: Georges Bizet, perkussion by Siegfried Kutterer
Set Design: Bruce French 
Costumes: Helena de Medeiros
Lighting: Jordan Tuinman / Remco Zwinkels
Length: 110 min. / Dancers: 29

«This is passion that knows no rules. Wherlock knows how to tell stories through dance»
— Tages Anzeiger, 18.1.2010

«It testifies to the quality of the ballet that there is not just one heroine, but four individually inspired protagonists. It is to the team’s great credit that it did without any flamenco frills.»  — Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 18.1.2010

Film © Klaus Ehret –

© Richard Wherlock 2012    -   Click here for German